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We provide quality academic editing, copy editing and academic proofreading services. We know quality academic editing and proofreading work is important to you. We are here to help you achieve your goals through our high-quality academic editing and proofreading services.

Our editors are well qualified, with experience in academic and non-academic editing work. They will ensure that the right language, grammar, style, and format are maintained as per your requirements. You concentrate on building your ideas, and we help you refine the expression and communication of your message.

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Academic Editing & Proofreading Services

It is critical to communicate ideas clearly and correctly in order to produce high-quality research and have it published. However, it might be difficult to take a step back and proofread your own work.
At Academia Solutions we strive to assist you avoid having your hard work misconstrued or misrepresented due to inaccuracies. Aim is to relieve your pressure of generating flawless work. Our expert academic editors ensure that your content is written in the most accurate language and style possible. The benefit of choosing our academic editing services is that our editors will review your document for spelling, grammar, punctuation, proper citation, stylistic consistency, clarity, and organization in order to improve its quality. We make sure that your work is up to the highest standards. This frees you up to focus on the important concepts that will earn you top marks—and publication.

Types Of Academic Editing & Proofreading We Can Help You With!

We provide academic editing services for a wide range of document types, which include:
1) Manuscript editing or journal article editing
2) Dissertation editing or Thesis editing
3) Assignment editing or Essay editing
4) Report editing
5) Others (e.g., business reports and documents editing)

Whether you are looking for reliable dissertation editing, thesis editing, thesis proofreading, or professional assignment editing services in Australia, Academia Solutions should be your choice.

If you think you have a document that you would like to get edited, but you feel that it does not fit into any of the categories mentioned above, please feel free to please feel free to Contact Us to discuss your needs further.

Our academic editing prices are affordable and competitive. You have the opportunity to choose a price-turnaround time combination that fits your editing needs. Simply click the 'Check Editing Prices' button below to view and select from a wide range of options available to to Submit your editing job.

Simple Steps To Get Your Editing & Proofreading Done!

It is very simple. You do not necessarily need to register as a customer to submit your documents for editing. But if you choose to register yourself as a customer, that is also fine. So, to put it simply, you can submit your document for editing either as a guest or as a registered customer. There is no difference in the process and the quality of work done on your document.

Here are the steps to submitting your documents for editing:
1) Click Submit Document
2) Fill out the submission form with all of the required information.
3) Make payment to checkout. The price will be calculated automatically based on the number of words and turnaround time you provided in the form.
4) Once the document has been edited, we perform checks.
5) You will receive an email with a link to download your document. Or if you have registered as a customer, you can login to your customer account to download the edited document.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our editors will extensively edit and proofread your work, as well as do a variety of other tasks. We strive to improve your chances of your work is approved, accepted or being published and provide advice on how to improve your academic writing. Our academic editors also take care of the time-consuming groundwork for you, as we:
1) Correct any errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation.
2) Ensure that acceptable tone and language norms are followed at all times.
3) Identify and eliminate redundancy, repetition, and ambiguity.
4) Examine the logical flow and organization of your ideas.
5) Ensure that language, paragraphs, tense, and sentence structure are all used correctly.
6) Identify weak arguments and unsupported claims. Comply with all major style guides, including Harvard, APA, Chicago, and others.

Our editors offer expert suggestions to help you improve your academic writing in the future. Each edited document is returned with a detailed note from our editors. We're here to help.

Are there any discounts for research and university editing?

Yes! If you are a self-funded student or have a document that is 15,000 words or more to be edited as one editing job, you may qualify for our discount based on the turnaround time.
We are open to working with universities and other academic institutions for discount options for providing our editing services.

Contact Us to find out more and discuss the available discount options.

Academic editing - Important points explained

1. What is academic proofreading and why is it needed?
Proofreading is defined as “the systematic checking and identification of errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence construction, formatting and layout in the text” (https://www.leeds.ac.uk/secretariat/documents/proof_reading_policy.pdf)
Academic proofreading services therefore involve the provision of services to identify and remove errors in the text as defined above and improve the quality of text to meet academic standards for formal or informal presentations.
Thesis proofreading is one such example, where students get their thesis manuscripts proofread by a service provider.

2. What is academic editing and why is it needed??
Editing is defined as “as any material amendment to the presentation of text which exceeds proof-reading, as defined above. In particular it includes any alteration which substantially changes, corrects, expands or condenses the academic content of the work” (https://www.leeds.ac.uk/secretariat/documents/proof_reading_policy.pdf)
Academic editing can take many different forms, such as dissertation editing, thesis editing, assignment editing, journal article or manuscript editing, to name a few. We provide thesis editing services (dissertation editing), assignment editing services, and other academic or non-academic document editing.

3. Who will edit my submitted documents? What training and experience do they have?
All the submitted documents are edited by our panel of editors. Our editors have substantial experience in editing and proofreading academic and non-academic material. They do their every best to ensure the high quality of editing and proofreading, so that you don’t have to worry about the quality of edited work.

4. Will your editors fix issues in content and structure?
Our editors perform both through editing and proofreading, so you don’t have to worry about English language issues. This involves detecting and correcting problems in "spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence building, formatting, and text layout." Furthermore, editors advise changes to the content structure relating to English language issues while taking great care not to alter the meaning or core of the write-up.

5. Does Academia Solutions and/or its editors help me write my thesis, journal article, assignment, or report?
Academia Solutions provides academic editing and academic proofreading services and does not help with writing theses, journal articles, assignments, or reports. Authorship always belongs to the customer who submits their document for editing (e.g., dissertation editing, thesis editing, assignment editing) and proofreading (e.g., thesis proofreading). Once you have the written document ready, please submit it to us and we can help you with fixing English language, grammar, and structure issues.

6. My thesis is drafted in a language other than English. Do you translate and edit?
We do not provide translation services. We accept documents that are written in English only for editing (e.g., dissertation editing, thesis editing, assignment editing) and proofreading (e.g., thesis proofreading).

7. How do I receive an invoice for my submitted and paid work?
Once you have submitted your work and paid in full, we will send you an official invoice for your payment. In case you don’t receive such an invoice, please send us an email at customer-order@academiasolution.com and we will be very happy to send the invoice asap.

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